Before your wedding – make sure you have the money talk!!!


Don’t let last minute wedding costs

catch you up

Now your wedding is around the corner and everything from your social media searches to your talks are related to that big day that’s around the corner. But WAIT, can we please have a financial discussion on how all your and your spouses expenses will be sorted not only for this big day but the days to come.

I know I know, this is hella boring and not something we want to think about when we have the wedding bells around the corner. We have to remember that a wedding is normally quite expensive with everything from venues to the wedding attire to the DJs….it ADDS UP! Let’s make sure we have a night we remember but also spend wisely so we aren’t both in shock after the wedding shenanigans are all over.

So now that I’ve made it clear why the money talk needs to happen, what exactly needs to be discussed? First, related to the wedding we need to make sure both couples are aware of the expenses and have it divided equally. Let’s also make sure we know that there is life after the wedding so let’s save up for that too.

Be on the same page

Another talk that is very important is HOW are you both going to bring in income and how much. This can get a bit awkward comparing income but it is more so to get the grasp of any future goals one of the partners may have. This is where we can open up about any future business ideas you want to do or if one partner is thinking to work part time for a certain about, this is the time to let it all out. Doing so, allows both partners to be on the same page and no immediate shock will occur after marriage.

Discuss all personal expenses

Next talk you should have is discuss your monthly personal expenses. If you’re someone who finds it normal to work hard and save up for larger expenses on clothes, then you want your partner who may spend much less to understand this. You will also need to know that getting married means not only to understand each other but also make sacrifices as a couple since this income and expenses are now not only for yourself but as a growing family.

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